The Days Are Busy... (late late blog I found “hidden”)

  • By Erica DeMercurio

The Days Are Busy...  (late late blog I found “hidden”)

  First year of pre school is coming to an end for our first born.

 “The days are long, but the years are short” a simple yet profound statement. I like to use the word busy Vs. long, long can come off a little dreadful. 

Never heard this statement until after having kids and I see why I talk to lots of people and heTime to get ready for school! Shower, teeth brushing my personal favorite brushing and blow drying my daughters hair (J/K she wants Daddy to do that..It’s only been my career for almost a decade!) Lastly, finding the perfect stylish, weather correct outfit we both agree on. 

Did I mention I already changed my baby boys diaper, dressed and brushed his tooth, teasing he has most of his teeth now!

Onward to breakfast, lunch making, and 5 trips to load the car for a 3 hour day of pre school. Off to my day job followed by a stop to the grocery store or if I planned correctly straight home to one of my favorite parts of the day.  The family Greeting!  Squeals and squeaks, little feet running as fast as they can to give me hugs. After that sweet moment we either take a walk to the park or play at home until dinner, that mostly likely my husband has made. Yes, he’s the best but also not sure if he loves my cooking. Bed time! Bath/shower, pjs and bottle.. “Good Night Moon!”

Next, Roll out the cleaning cart!  Pull out the Hottie Wife  hat, maybe fold some clothes write a blog then off bed where I snore like a grizzly bear beacause  I’m whipped from my “busy/long” day.(teasing, kinda)

The Years are Short.

2 1/2 year ago my mom, sister and I toured our church with our 1 year olds. The pastor said we have a school you should also tour, so we did. We all got the best vibes, this school exerted kindness. We knew one day our littles would go here. Now here we are, at the end on year one, we had the best teachers and school year a parent could ask for. 

Woosaw and take it in!


Messy Darling Mama


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