Our Baby is Born!

  • By Erica DeMercurio

My sister and I are thrilled to introduce our precious baby Messy Darling Apparel to the world! If I can take this first blog to acquaint myself and our company to you and also give you a little 411 on how this all came about.

My name is Erica, wife to a talented hottie of a husband, mom of two adorable, persistent, cuddly, curious, observant, bright, playful, opinionated, hilarious Messy Darlings! No one can prepare you for just how much these little people literally melt your heart. I'm obsessed:).  Yes motherhood has its tireless moments but those never surpass the moment my baby smiles at me or the "mom, I love you."  It's the best.  

Anywho, how this all came about.. the style we searched for our littles to wear was sweet, kind, conservative, stylish but not too little kidish with some originality, if that makes sense? My 3 year old does not need to be wearing what I wore in my early 20's to Starbucks the morning after a night out, on the other hand I'm not a head to toe teddy bear print kind of gal.  Along with that we wanted high quality, durable clothing that lasts. What I also really enjoy is that some of the items we selected such as tee shirts for example are unisex. With my daughter I didn't mind spending more on a pair of Adidas sneakers or Hunter rain boots because I know my son will also be able to ware them once he gets to that size shoe.  So we searched globally and locally to find the perfect wardrobe. Hope you enjoy as much as we do. 

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